Coinstar's new kiosks: From fancy photo booths to phone recycling

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's print edition of the Puget Sound Business Journal checks in on Coinstar (subscription required), the Seattle-based company that started with coin-counting vending machines and is now best known for its Redbox DVD rental kiosks.
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With surging profits and recent attention for its CEO (named as a technology visionary by Fortune magazine), the company is diversifying into new kiosk markets, including tech gadgets and even French-press coffee.

One thing the kiosks have in common: They are aimed at a lower-income demographic -- a growing market even for high-tech products.

The four lines of kiosks have been rolled out at test locations in several cities, including Seattle. Each has its own brand name: Gizmo, which sells refurbished electronics; EcoATM, which dispenses cash for old cell phones; Star Studio, which runs interactive photo booths with customized backgrounds; and Seattle's Best Coffee, which pumps out $1-a-cup, French-press-style brew.

Coinstar's new kiosks: From fancy photo booths to phone recycling

Date: Friday, May 25, 2012, 12:24pm PDT

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