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IKEA's new kiosk-based loyalty program IKEA FAMILY has already attracted more than 1.6 million members since its launch a few months ago. IKEA FAMILY offers special offers and benefits to customers, as well as program-branded merchandise and promotional events, Diane Zoll, manager of IKEA FAMILY US, said in a company release.

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"Not only are there now millions of members, but members are highly engaged and spend more when they visit IKEA," she said.

In the store, the membership journey begins at the FAMILY Shop, which features unique FAMILY-branded merchandise that members can use every day, from backpacks to bathrobes, with members-only prices.

The Kiosks, which are built, serviced and monitored by Kiosk Information Systems, allow new members to enroll and receive a membership card on the spot. The kiosks also encourage existing members to scan their cards for a chance to win a monthly $100 FAMILY Sweepstakes, as well as view exclusive current IKEA FAMILY discounts and offers.

During grand openings and other high-volume periods, IKEA co-workers use a specially-developed tablet PC application to handle the swell of membership interest. The tablet PC application is now being used at each store on a regular basis and continues to grow in popularity, the retailer said.

Ongoing communications are strictly digital, including a members-only website, ongoing emails and mobile alerts. Response rates are extremely high, more than doubling traditional retail digital communications.

Source link at KioskMarketplace [pics]

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