Medication-dispensing kiosks and Pharmalogic

Doxycycline package.
Italy-based Pharmalogic's medication-dispensing kiosks are using a printer and scanner from Custom to allow users to print receipts and scan prescriptions, according to a company press release.
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Users can learn about 700 different types of medications from the touchscreen kiosks, but the machines, which dispense over-the-counter medicine, also allow users to scan prescriptions from their doctors, which are then sent to pharmacists for filling. The kiosk is equipped with a video camera and microphone to allow users to have remote and interactive connection with the pharmacist.

Custom's VKP80II printers, which are now in the pharmapoint kiosks, have an automatic ejecting‐retracting function, an antijamming system and have a high-printing autonomy (big paper roll with multiposition paper support), according to the release.

Watch a demo below:


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