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More than half of retailers testing in-store tablets

Shoppers may soon see retail employees patrolling store aisles looking like Star Trek officers carrying tablet computers. More than half of retailers surveyed by RIS News are testing in-store tablets in 2012.
Starbucks Touchscreen Storefronts

Starbucks Touchscreen Storefronts (Photo credit: DavidErickson)

er wonder which touch screens in which locations are the dirtiest, and subject to germs & bacteria. This is first report we have ever seen and it's a little shocking.
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Kiosks Bring Online Convenience to Stores

English: The logo of Adidas. Русский: Логотип ...

tailers are installing interactive screens in their stores and at non-traditional retail locations, affording customers an in-store, online experience. [Adidas]
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Nice analysis of the digital signage on display at the recent NRF show by Lyle Bunn on DigitalSignageToday.com

Kiosks score big at Super Bowl Village

Super Bowl XLV logo

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iosks are helping fans make digital keepsakes of their 2012 Super Bowl experiences. Four kiosks in the Super Bowl Village allow fans to record videos or send a digital postcards. The kiosks post the videos to YouTube and the digital postcards to Flickr.
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