Kiosks score big at Super Bowl Village

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iosks are helping fans make digital keepsakes of their 2012 Super Bowl experiences. Four kiosks in the Super Bowl Village allow fans to record videos or send a digital postcards. The kiosks post the videos to YouTube and the digital postcards to Flickr.
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Users also receive e-mails with direct links to their creations. Fans have already made more than 1,748 videos and 4,502 postcards since Friday at the kiosks that will run through through Super Bowl Sunday.

Kiosk Information Systems designed the shells for the kiosks, and NSixty created the custom programming, graphics and user interfaces in-house.

"We're averaging 700+ interactions a day and there has constantly been lines," said Josh Blair, client services manager for nSixty, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. "That's only expected to go up this weekend with the increase in traffic due to the Super Bowl."

Watch below to see one of the videos made at the Super Bowl village.

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