More than half of retailers testing in-store tablets

Shoppers may soon see retail employees patrolling store aisles looking like Star Trek officers carrying tablet computers. More than half of retailers surveyed by RIS News are testing in-store tablets in 2012.
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"Retail Embraces Tablets," which is based on survey responses from more than 50 retailers, uncovers such findings as:

  • While only 6% of respondents report that tablets are fully deployed in their stores today, another 28% are currently testing tablets in stores and an additional 31% plan to begin testing in 2012.

  • Retailers are divided between those who want to use rugged tablets that can survive a drop test (58.8%) and those that want to use consumer tablets that are inexpensive and user friendly (56.9%). (Retailers could select both answers to this question).
  • Some of the major drivers in the increased interest in retail tablets include sales floor support (51.9%), updating/refreshing the store experience (48.1%), increasing comp-store sales (46.3%) and connecting to enterprise apps (42.6%)

"Our research reveals that tablet adoption is no longer a question for retailers. They know they are going to deploy tablets in the near-term, it's just a matter of what types of tablets and how they'll integrate them into the store experience," commented Joe Skorupa, editor-in-chief at RIS News.

"The feedback from the retailers surveyed for this study reflects the growing interest we've seen over the last 12 months in deploying our store merchandising software on tablets," commented RBM's Chief Operating Officer Dan Wittner.

"Tablets designed specifically for the enterprise are bringing operations to the store floor in order to ensure all locations are performing exactly as they were designed to."

For the full report, which includes charts and extended analysis, go to and click on the Research tab.

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