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Trade Shows of Interest - CETW

Customer Engagement World (also KioskCom) is coming up in San Francisco at the end of this month.  Recommended. Visit website for more information.cetw_hdr_logo.png
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Survey reveals shopper's multi-channel habits

Worth noting: When shopping in-store, 70 per cent of consumers agree that shops are great for when you want to talk to someone, 73 per cent state shops are good for experiencing items before they buy and 69 per cent agree that going into store is a secure way of shopping.
Imagine browsing knife sets in an airport and then ordering one before you board your plane, or going to a department store to look at makeup without having to bounce from counter to counter to check out each brand's selection.
McDonald's franchise owners often are as savvy as brand executives, and perhaps a shade more entrepreneurial. Witness the case of the owner of three McDonald's franchises in suburban Dallas-Ft. Worth, whose better-for-you innovation could ripple throughout the chain.
An ALL Kids Insurance and Medicaid enrollment kiosk has been setup in the hospital's Emergency Room. If a child doesn't haven't insurance, parents can use the kiosk to submit an electronic insurance application to see if their child qualifies for ALL Kids.

Ecast Shuts Down Jukebox Network On March 1

SAN FRANCISCO -- Ecast Inc. shut down its jukebox music network on March 1, a company spokesman confirmed. The San Francisco-based technology firm's board of directors voted for an immediate shutdown after the company failed to raise enough capital to continue operating.

Lufthansa brings self-service to Mumbai

Lufthansa has introduced four new self-service check-in kiosks at Mumbai International Airport.