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Seeing is believing on Avnet digital signage tour

Showcase article on Avnet and new technology being developed including Intel AIM Suite incorporation.

The face of commercial signage is about to be transformed, experts say, and Phoenix-based Avnet Inc. is hoping to lead the revolution. Electronics-industry analysts predict that by 2015, about 22 million traditional signs in grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants, health clinics and other businesses will be replaced with digital displays that interact with consumers in various ways.

TE (Tyco Electronics) decides to divest the Touch group (Elo TouchSystems to most of us) for $380M. Estimated 2011 revenues were $411M for Elo. Purchased by the Gore Group which spent $1B (or so) on PEP Auto Stores. Interesting.
Despite all the buzz around showrooming and mobile shopping, retailers will be relieved to know that brick-and-mortar stores are still important for 90 percent of shoppers, according to a study published by the e-tailing group and online local media company Local Corporation.