How Home Depot Mastering Multichannel Sell Strategy

Home Depot is acting more like a multichannel retailer and less like a home-improvement warehouse. Plus strategic purchase of BlackLocus and RedBeacon.
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  • Housing market continues to recover
  • But gains unlikely to be double digit
  • Opportunity will be for home improvement
  • Lowes acquiring 80 stores
  • But HD is still clear leader (though doesnt say in what way)
  • Theory is customers becoming multichannel (so my advice is relevant?)
  • 57% of consumers use multichannel approach
  • Buy online - pickup in store strategies being tried
  • One out of 3 HD online transactions are fullfilled at the store
  • Customers buy more items once in the store
  • HD launched new mobile app for contractors that's pretty cool
  • HD purchased BlackLocus (algorithms for web pricing)
  • HD purchased online handyman RedBeacon
  • Gift card sales in 2012 total for US was 43 Billion.
  • Guess who was ranked top gift card retailer (HD)

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