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There is increased chatter about omnichannel, but many companies may not understand the difference between omnichannel and multi-channel. [24]7 recently spoke with a panel of industry experts to get their perspective on multi-channel and omnichannel.

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Dave Haynes is founder and editor of Sixteen:Nine blog and previews Infocomm and what Elotouch (can we say that now?) will be showing. Looks like big intro for 55 inch touch though I'd like to see the full Cisco telepresence demo.
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Seeing is believing on Avnet digital signage tour

Showcase article on Avnet and new technology being developed including Intel AIM Suite incorporation.

The face of commercial signage is about to be transformed, experts say, and Phoenix-based Avnet Inc. is hoping to lead the revolution. Electronics-industry analysts predict that by 2015, about 22 million traditional signs in grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants, health clinics and other businesses will be replaced with digital displays that interact with consumers in various ways.

Despite all the buzz around showrooming and mobile shopping, retailers will be relieved to know that brick-and-mortar stores are still important for 90 percent of shoppers, according to a study published by the e-tailing group and online local media company Local Corporation.

Survey reveals shopper's multi-channel habits

Worth noting: When shopping in-store, 70 per cent of consumers agree that shops are great for when you want to talk to someone, 73 per cent state shops are good for experiencing items before they buy and 69 per cent agree that going into store is a secure way of shopping.