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Demographics for online -  Hispanics shop more online than average Web user and shop earlier in holiday season. Experian Marketing Services' analysis highlights digitally savviness of Hispanic adults; finds Hispanics are 2x more interested in mobile ads and more responsive to mobile advertising 

Amazon tries two-week mall kiosk experiment

Amazon in retail stores doing experiment with physical store location.

eBay Experiments with Virtual Digital Storefronts in Malls

The digital storefront is part repurposed, part custom technology. What consumers see is a large digital image with a touchscreen area showing the products for sale. After customers choose a product, they enter their mobile number (the entered digits are hidden, but the touchpad is fairly visible, so if you're not careful people around you can see you entering your number), and complete their purchase on their smartphones.

Store Environments Designed For Retail Survival

Nice article by Ron Bowers - As a company devoted to improving physical store environments and customer experience we embrace the authors' point that "stores can't simply be places where products happen to be sold." Future store configurations will have to be places that promote customer learning and experimentation.

How Home Depot Mastering Multichannel Sell Strategy

Home Depot is acting more like a multichannel retailer and less like a home-improvement warehouse. Plus strategic purchase of BlackLocus and RedBeacon.