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Coca-Cola launches NFC ad campaign in Singapore

English: Coca-Cola 375 mL cans - 24 pack

ccording to MEC, 200 posters equipped with NFC chips or stickers have been installed in "NFC shelters" around Singapore. NFC phone users can tap their handsets against the posters or scan a QR code to download content.
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Samsung Breaks Promise and Strands 10 million users

Turns out Galaxy S Androids won't be able to move up to Ice Cream Sandwich. Froyo users are stuck.
i Display, an innovative Digital Signage solutions company, announces the launch of the new i View Android a revolutionary interactive retail digital display powered by the Android

Smart phones empower the campus card

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Across markets, smart phones are being used for more than phone calls, texts and email. It is easy to focus on brand new functions, but the biggest impact may be in the way people interact with long-standing services. Handsets are changing banking, retailing, marketing, health care, public service delivery and virtually every other aspect of modern life-including campus card programs.

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