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To much talking about mobile, not enough doing something about mobile. Major retailers still can't seem to 
Google Appliance as shown at RSA Expo 2008 in ...
get it right, including Apple surprisingly.
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As consumers prepare for the frenzy that is online holiday shopping, The Search Agency, a global online marketing firm and the largest independent U.S. search marketing agency, today released its latest Mobile Experience Scorecard: 100 Multichannel Retailers. The report includes a full analysis of the mobile websites of the top 100 retailers in the U.S. With a similar approach to its recently-released Mobile Experience Scorecard: Fortune 100 Companies, The Search Agency's team of mobile experts determined which top 100 retailers were most closely aligned with established mobile marketing best practices including those set by Google, and other expected functionalities, including search, store locator, and easy calling links (e.g. a click to call button or linked phone number).

The following are notable results from the study: 

o Although Google recommends that mobile sites load in under 1 second, only 16 of the 100 sites actually meet this criteria. The average load speed of the top 100 retailers was 3.62 seconds.

o Of the 100 sites, only one site - Carter's - used Responsive Web Design, Google's recommended configuration for mobile. Of the remaining companies, 91 used dedicated mobile sites, while eight did not provide a separate mobile experience from the desktop version of their site at all.

o None of the sites met all the set criteria; in other words, none of the top 100 retailers achieved a perfect score of five.

The average score for all companies in the study was 3.17 out of five.

Actual report is located here

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