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Mobile POS Growth to surpass 95% Worldwide in 2014

The adoption of Mobile devices for POS transactions is exploding worldwide as retailers and consumers alike get more accustomed to retailers asking for payment on mobile devices.  According to IHL Group, growth of new Mobile POS device shipments is expected to be over 95% worldwide and will surpass 108% growth in North America in 2014.
Locations of items within a store much improved (though unverified).  Lowes is very much committed to improving the mobile app and their entire web integration though.
Smartphone penetration is higher in Canada than in the US. Couple that with Chip & Pin overhead at POS and easy to see mobile POS becoming the next standard (and then in US).

Apple and iBeacon For Improved Store Experience

The i
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Beacons will reportedly be used in conjunction with an updated Apple Store app to provide location-based product information to customers. Notifications would then be sent to customers' mobile devices when they walk near items. At the point of sale, iBeacons would be used to inform customers about workshops, Genius bar appointments and in-store pickups.
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To much talking about mobile, not enough doing something about mobile. Major retailers still can't seem to 
Google Appliance as shown at RSA Expo 2008 in ...
get it right, including Apple surprisingly.
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Microsoft an
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nounced today that Delta Air Lines has handed out Windows Phone handsets to more than 19,000 flight attendants worldwide. The attendants will use the Nokia Lumia 820 with Windows Phone 8 to access an Avanade point of sale (POS) app that was built on the Microsoft Dynamics for Retail mobile POS platform.
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Is mobile failing at point-of-sale?

The overwhelming presence of antiquated point-of-sale systems and infrastructure is currently preventing mobile from realizing its full potential in-store.

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