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Lowe's exec: Mobile to shake off outsider status in 2014

Not surprisin
A typical Lowe's storefront in Santa Clara, Ca...
g that Lowe's has opted for dedicated mobile site. Catering to those technology groups (smartphone, tablet, desktop) is smart way to go.
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Locations of items within a store much improved (though unverified).  Lowes is very much committed to improving the mobile app and their entire web integration though.
English: Logo of Kohl's Department Stores for ...
ohl's gets serious about mobile marketing in-store
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WiFi In-Store Benefits and Numbers

A day afer Casey Carl of Target blog writeup here are some numbers to back up Carl.

Nordstrom Experiment Highlights Privacy Issue

Last autumn, Nordstrom implemented in-store technology that followed Wi-Fi signals of smartphones and other mobile devices to track customers' movements throughout the store. Much to displeasure of customers.

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