Intercede unveils PIV checker for iOS devices

Intercede announced the availability of its MyID CardChecker App for Apple iOS. This app enables government agencies and enterprises to read and display electronic information from PIV, PIV-I, commercial identity verification (CIV) or TWIC smart cards on an iPhone or iPad.

Intercede has developed a downloadable mobile app - available in the Apple app store - that enables iPhones and iPads equipped with a Precise Biometrics' Tactivo Smart Card Reader to read and display smart cards, including PIN-protected content.

With the MyID CardChecker app and the data encoded in the device, organizations can check and authenticate a smart card from the smart phone or tablet without the need for an Internet connection. The app verifies that the data is formatted correctly and that the data printed on the card surface matches the electronically encoded data on the card.

At this point the app will not check a revocation list, says Allen Storey, product director at Intercede. "It's something we are planning to add," he says.

To boost the reliability of identity verification, the MyID CardChecker app includes a three-factor authentication process. The app not only ensures that an employee has the smart card present but also verifies that the cardholder knows the PIN and displays the electronically encoded data on the card to confirm that the identity of the holder is accurate. This can be validated by a photo of the cardholder or confirming that encoded data - such as name, expiration date and agency code - match the information printed on the card's surface.

In addition to smart card recognition, the MyID CardChecker app also leverages biometric authentication by matching the fingerprint of the cardholder with what is stored on the card electronically. This final level of authentication further heightens security by ensuring that the fingerprint of the person present matches that encoded on the smart card.

Features of the MyID CardChecker Application:

Supports PIV, PIV-I, CIV and TWIC cards
Reads and displays public and PIN-protected data including name, organization and photograph
Displays Federal Agency Smart Credential Number (FASC-N), organization and photograph
Biometric cardholder authentication
Available in the Apple App Store
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