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The Auraria Library now has self-checkout mach...

w RFID enabled shelf system (from ShelfX) provides self-checkout for patrons at UDIs. Line buster.
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IBM Kiosks Power Patient Interaction at the Point of Care

CarePartners Plus announced the launch of a new technology that empowers patients to better manage their health and interact more effectively with their physicians. Wellby is a new interactive healthcare management solution for use in physician offices, hospitals, work sites and retail pharmacies to collect and exchange feedback from patients at the point of care.

Image representing Coinstar as depicted in Cru...
d analysis by Seeking Alpha of current NCR business prospects. Notes the selling of Blockbuster to Coinstar has nice kicker in that now Coinstar is a customer (service wise) of NCR.
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Sleek blue pods will be sprouting in clinics and pharmacies across Ohio by summer, giving patients convenient access to a medical appointment but requiring a do-it-yourself element as they operate stethoscopes and thermometers while talking to doctors on videoconference.
Approximately 425 wired, wireless and touchscreen point-of-sale terminals by NCR are expected to be installed throughout the stadium by the 2012-2013 season. 
SITA, the global air transport IT solutions specialist, has been selected by San Diego International Airport to provide the passenger processing technology to underpin the airport's $1 billion dollar improvement project. 

Best of NRF 2012: Top 10 Takeaways

Logo of the National Retail Federation
RIS News via HP did a pretty good job summarizing NRF this year. Interesting to see the clients and the POS systems. RiteAID going cloud-based, new HP POS tablet offering, Marks&Spencer going NCR way, Family Dollar & Kronos, Tyco platform, Tesco, Urban Outfitters getting analytics, Target & NCR, 
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