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Craig Allen Keefner's insight:
HealthSpot kiosks are designed for supermarkets, pharmacies, and healthcare facility waiting rooms.board includes former Cleveland Clinic CEO Floyd Loop and Cardinal Health SVP Christi has pursued a partnership-heavy strategy, most recently teaming up with MedAvail Technologies, a company making telepharmacy kiosks, in January. The agreement will initially allow the two companies to co-locate their kiosks, so that a customer can get a prescription from a HealthSpot physician and immediately pick it up at a MedAvail kiosk. In the future, the technology might be integrated into a single has also campaigned for telehealth reimbursement legislation in Ohio, culminating in the signing of Ohio House Bill 123 last January. The law will make it easier for telehealth care in Ohio to be reimbursed by Medicare.
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Retail and the future of touch marketing

The convergence of online and offline represents a big opportunity for retailers and brands that can see past the confusing threat of mobile showrooming.
Walmart Supercenter sign

Walmart Supercenter sign (Photo credit: Ron Dauphin)

veloping a "next generation fulfillment network" will be one of Walmart's key global priorities for this year, along with investing in a global e-commerce platform that will provide the world's largest retailer with common digital technology in multiple countries.
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Treasurer's office launches automated system Take A Number

The new system involves a touch-screen kiosk, which people use to indicate whether they are renewing tags or getting title work done. The kiosk then prints out a ticket, which is reflected on a large screen situated above the kiosk. The screen shows, with updates every five seconds, the tickets' expected waiting time.

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