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Amazon Vs. Wal-Mart: The Physical Vs. Non-Physical Battle

Analysis from Seeking Alpha on the battle between Amazon and Wal-Mart
English: Logo of Target, US-based retail chain
asey Carl of Target Stores explains how you win at showrooming.
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Free webinar - You Can't Afford to Ignore Cash

Webinar on Cash in Self-Service and how it is used by your customers.
Discussion of strategies that retailers can take in the future to ensure their success.

Research - Retail Automation Market by POS Products

Best Buy Express ZoomShop
he global retail industry is developing at a high growth rate due to many reasons like increasing retailers' investment in the retail sector, high demand from the customer, increasing population, and so on. Retailers require advanced and developed systems to meet current market needs; such as reducing the operational costs for retail stores, obtaining accurate results during transactions and, fast processing in retailing. Retail automation, with its automated machines, is a solution for meeting all these needs.
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Staples (Canada)
With two national retailers, Staples (SPLS) and RadioShack (RSH), pulling the plug on Amazon.com's (AMZN) Locker program, it's easy to wonder why either decided to experiment in the first place.
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The rumors have abounded for more than six months: unconfirmed whispers that Googlewill open up its own major chain of consumer retail stores. The company has dipped its toes into the retail waters with Chromebook-focused kiosks in the U.S. and the U.K. over the past few years, with installations inside larger retailers like Best Buy, Dixons, and Currys.
Last year, Google acquired Waterloo-based startup BufferBox, which provides bufferboxofficial.jpg hipping locker service to make it easy to get things delivered reliably even when you're not sure where you'll be when they're arriving. The startup built its service on the idea that people never want to see another missed delivery door tag ever again, and began rolling out availability in Toronto, a big consumer market near its HQ last year.

Explanation of Bitcoin by Cringely

Well known glogger takes on the challenge and explaining basis for Bitcoin and his doubts about it.bitcoin-logo-3d-300x300.jpg

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