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Shoppable Store Windows with Mobile Payment

The density of pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks of New York City make it an optimal place to grab attention with an eye catching or innovative store window display. For the NYC debut of their casual clothing and accessories line Kate Spade Saturday, the brand created four walk up shoppable interactive windows in formerly vacant retail stores.
Walmart has expanded its use of the "Scan & Go" iPhone app from a single-store test to 40 locations in the Denver area. Shoppers who download the app can scan items with their phones as they walk the aisles of the store. When they're finished, they select "done shopping" and the app creates a unique QR code that is read at a self-checkout station where the customer chooses a payment option to complete the transaction, according to published reports.

Marks & Spencer Make It Easy In-Store

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line shopping grows, UK retailer tests a 'multichannel' approach, using touchscreens and Wi-Fi at a massive new concept store.

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Macy's CEO sees stores borrowing ideas from online

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agine a kiosk inside a Macy's Inc store that pulls up customer reviews and lets shoppers pay on the spot, or an electronic concierge in the cosmetics section that can recommend skin care products across brands in the store that can best help with a blemish.
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JCP Express format debuts in downtown Chicago

J. C. Penney
P or J.C. Penney customers can stop at a kiosk where they can pay credit card bills, buy gift cards and order products via a dedicated computer and have them shipped elsewhere.
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Tips for Small Retailers to Beat the Big Boys

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With all the talk about how technology, mobiles and automation make it easier for big retailers to "know thy customer" and create comfort context, the question is how smaller retailer can compete in era of showrooming. Guest commentary by Michael Koploy, ERP Analyst for Software Advice.
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2012 Predictions from Kioskmarketplace

From  - predictions from the experts in self-service and self-service automation for 2012.
Kohl's announces it 2011 integrated holiday campaign.  Wll be communicated across multiple mediums, including print advertising, direct mail, email, digital and social media,, mobile, television, radio and in-store marketing.
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