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Retail Fraud - Simple But Effective Point-of-Sale Skimmer

Krebs takes a look at simple but effective skimmer tool being employed on modern POS devices. Krebs also has resource link on "All About Skimmers".  Covered as well is 3D printers and how exact they now work for skimmers.

Explanation of Bitcoin by Cringely

Well known glogger takes on the challenge and explaining basis for Bitcoin and his doubts about it.bitcoin-logo-3d-300x300.jpg

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ShipStation the leading web-based shipping solution for online retailers, today announced an enhancement to the company's Shopify integration, allowing customers to import orders from Shopify POS. Business owners can now import retail orders directly into ShipStation from Shopify POS, just as they do with their Shopify web store orders.
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Omnichannel requires a robotic solution

292px-Rayna_Kapec.jpgA true robot would have mobility, vision, and a prehensile grasp like any primate. At the moment, there's no such machine out there.

Retail and the future of touch marketing

The convergence of online and offline represents a big opportunity for retailers and brands that can see past the confusing threat of mobile showrooming.

Shoppable Store Windows with Mobile Payment

The density of pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks of New York City make it an optimal place to grab attention with an eye catching or innovative store window display. For the NYC debut of their casual clothing and accessories line Kate Spade Saturday, the brand created four walk up shoppable interactive windows in formerly vacant retail stores.
Google Chrome will now support managed public sessions

Logo for Costa Coffee
NEW YORK CITY -- Intel Corp. showed a few of the developments in its "intelligent vending" initiative during this year's National Retail Federation trade show here. Also on display were concepts that might be as applicable to micromarket operators as to any other sort of retailer.  Intel's work with international coffeehouse titan Costa Coffee (Dunstable, UK) was a center of attention at the show, which took place Jan. 13-16.
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Great article from Vending Times on Intel and Next Generation 
Image representing Intel as depicted in CrunchBase
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Walmart has expanded its use of the "Scan & Go" iPhone app from a single-store test to 40 locations in the Denver area. Shoppers who download the app can scan items with their phones as they walk the aisles of the store. When they're finished, they select "done shopping" and the app creates a unique QR code that is read at a self-checkout station where the customer chooses a payment option to complete the transaction, according to published reports.

Interview with Mark Bowles of ecoATM

From Fox Business News -- EcoATM founder Mark Bowles weighs in on his kiosk business.

Kiosks Give Cash for Your Cell Phone

3:14 - Ecoatm founder Mark Bowles weighs in on his kiosk business.

BOONE, N.C., June 6, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- ECR Software Corporation (ECRS) has again been recognized with the Vity Award for Best Computerized Point of Sale System. Vity Awards are given annually by Vitamin Retailer magazine to the top products and services in the Natural Products/Health industry as selected directly by retailers. ECRS is the leading supplier of retail automation to merchants in this vibrant, growing industry.
company logo friendlyway AG
New major project completed by Friendlyway with Globus.  We were speaking with Klaus Trox CEO and he mentioned it and the success it has seen. As hot as "in-store" is these days, this is the complete opposite being outside store or maybe extended store. Pretty cool stuff.
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This week
Image representing Coinstar as depicted in Cru...
's print edition of the Puget Sound Business Journal checks in on Coinstar (subscription required), the Seattle-based company that started with coin-counting vending machines and is now best known for its Redbox DVD rental kiosks.
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MinuteKey kiosk duplicates your keys

Write up on MinuteKey soon to be in Lowes, Costco, and Walmart. Minutekey is led by Randall Fagundo ex-Sugar Loaf/Coinstar.

OMAHA, Neb., May 07, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Many attendees of this weekend's Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting saw something they'd never seen before: a complete retail store in just 2 sq. ft. of floor space. In contrast to the usual large booths selling products made by Berkshire-owned brands. Richline Group, a Berkshire Hathaway-owned jewelry manufacturer, employed the Vigix vending kiosk to sell commemorative, gold and silver coins, pendants, and money clips. Sales were strong throughout the meeting, achieving an annualized sales per square foot of more than $1,125,000.

Coinstar Plants Entrepreneurial Seeds To Keep Growing

"Today, we have eight seed businesses with domain managers for each seed," said Paul Davis, Coinstar's chief executive. "We pay the domain managers like at a venture capital firm: They get a percentage of the value they create. We tell them, 'It's high risk, high reward.'"

Resource Point of Purchase Online Network

Thanks to the good people at POP Online for highlighting Kiosk Industry Group awards handed out at CETW in San Francisco. POPonline is great resource and we welcome them to our network.

Best of NRF 2012: Top 10 Takeaways

Logo of the National Retail Federation
RIS News via HP did a pretty good job summarizing NRF this year. Interesting to see the clients and the POS systems. RiteAID going cloud-based, new HP POS tablet offering, Marks&Spencer going NCR way, Family Dollar & Kronos, Tyco platform, Tesco, Urban Outfitters getting analytics, Target & NCR, 
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Logo of the National Retail Federation

W YORK CITY -- The National Retail Federation's Big Show will take place Jan. 16 and 17 (convention runs 15-18) at New York City's Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Among technologies set to debut at the show is Kiosk Information Systems' StoreBot, an automated kiosk designed to reduce shrinkage at consumer and employee levels. 
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2012 Predictions from Kioskmarketplace

From  - predictions from the experts in self-service and self-service automation for 2012.

Thin Clients Ideally Suited for Retail Segment

How in the super competitive retail market in India, thin clients are providing a competitive edge. And you can be sure in India it is ultra-competitive. Perhaps a lesson in advance for US markets.

Hi-tech retail: the future is now

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Check out some of the biggest innovations for in-store technology this year. What others do you expect to see?

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