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SoloHealth's stations, slated to be in 2,500 Walmarts and Sam's Clubs next month, to video consultations with doctors, to sma
SoloHealth with Michael Dell
rtphone apps that track blood pressure and heart rate, consumer health  technology is attracting big-name backers such as retailer Walmart,
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PharmaSmart in Rochester, NY releases whitepaper on blood pressure compliance with AAMI/ISO. Video details the features. Currently serves 6,000 locations and the study details over 8 million readings.

Free water makes a hit on college campus

When the student stops for a drink, the RFID tag at the bottom of the 20-ounce, insulated bottle is swiped on a reader, a personal identification number is entered and the bottle is cleaned and filled with purified chilled water, or simply filled.

Fresh Healthy Vending Launches Innovative Self-Serve Vending Concept

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