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Last year, Google acquired Waterloo-based startup BufferBox, which provides bufferboxofficial.jpg hipping locker service to make it easy to get things delivered reliably even when you're not sure where you'll be when they're arriving. The startup built its service on the idea that people never want to see another missed delivery door tag ever again, and began rolling out availability in Toronto, a big consumer market near its HQ last year.

Google's Same-Day Delivery Pilot A Shot at Amazon?

Google c
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ontinues to move beyond Internet search in the San Francisco area with a pilot program called Google Shopping Express. The project allows local residents to order items from participating retailers, including Toys "R" Us, Target, Walgreens, Staples, American Eagle Outfitters, Nob Hill Foods, Blue Bottle Coffee and more as well as items from multiple stores.
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Can retailers sell delivery lockers idea?

Online retailers and are looking to extend their reach by putting delivery lockers in drugstores and convenience stores, and in chain stores like Staples, to meet customers' demands for faster access to online orders.
Here they
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 come...Amazon already has 2 day, then Google goes same day. Now Google adopts Amazon's escalation into lockers and substation delivery. There might be hope for our post offices after all
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