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Best Buy automated retail now in Vancouver airport

best-buy-logo.gifBest Buy Express offers more than 60 product skus including headphones, chargers, MP3 players, iPods, travel adaptors, tablets and more. As new products are introduced into the stores and online, they are also brought into Best Buy Express machines to ensure customers and travellers have the best, most up-to-date technology options.

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Drexel University vending machines dispense Macbooks to students

Griffin Unveils new kiosk retail POS solutions for iPad

New iPad solutions for POS and Retail have a nice look.griffin-ipad.jpg

Public Kiosks Lockers for IPads & Tablet rental borrow.

Manhattan NY article on iPad & tablet rental. That concept has been explored before based in airports and other high footfall traffic areas.  Here is photo of Powerport unit built five years ago for precisely that..(ipad laptop rental). Click to enlarge the image.powerport.jpg

Interview with Mark Bowles of ecoATM

From Fox Business News -- EcoATM founder Mark Bowles weighs in on his kiosk business.

Kiosks Give Cash for Your Cell Phone

3:14 - Ecoatm founder Mark Bowles weighs in on his kiosk business.

New marijuana autoretail automated retail dispensing machine come to Washington and soon Colorado.  Stock price of company thru the roof.

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