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Last weekend, at the Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto, toy car makers Hot Wheels, together with Chevrolet Canada and marketing firm TrojanOne, displayed Canada's first Twitter-activated promotional vending machine - aptly called "The Hot Wheels Camaro-matic Trending Machine." By tweeting the correct hash-tag, it dispensed free (if small) Camaro's to attendees.

Treasurer's office launches automated system Take A Number

The new system involves a touch-screen kiosk, which people use to indicate whether they are renewing tags or getting title work done. The kiosk then prints out a ticket, which is reflected on a large screen situated above the kiosk. The screen shows, with updates every five seconds, the tickets' expected waiting time.
AirVend_screen.jpgPROVO, UT -- Newcomer AirVend, based here, is offering a touchscreen solution for vending machines. It is designed to enhance the POS experience and ease compliance with government product content disclosure rules.
Walmart has expanded its use of the "Scan & Go" iPhone app from a single-store test to 40 locations in the Denver area. Shoppers who download the app can scan items with their phones as they walk the aisles of the store. When they're finished, they select "done shopping" and the app creates a unique QR code that is read at a self-checkout station where the customer chooses a payment option to complete the transaction, according to published reports.

Office Depot and OfficeMax Merge to Create $18B Company

OfficeMax Incorporated and Office Depot Inc. have entered a definitive merger agreement under which the companies will combine in an all-stock merger. The transaction was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors of both companies and will create a stronger, more efficient global provider better able to compete in the rapidly changing office solutions industry. Customers will benefit from enhanced offerings across multiple distribution channels and geographies.

Dispensing Computers

The kiosks work like vending machines, or like the DVD lending dispensers at grocery stores. A student who wants to check out a laptop - or whatever device the university is offering - navigates a touch screen that authenticates the student's identity and then dispenses a charged machine. 
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Members Equity Bank (ME Bank) has launched a workplace banking kiosk at Telstra's contact centre in Melbourne, which enables users to talk to the bank's call centre staff between 8am and 6pm using video conferencing services. Cisco Systems
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S.F. library eyes laptop-lending kiosks

The library wants to earmark $99,500 in its upcoming budget to purchase three laptop lending kiosks that would boost the number of available computers and remove the human element from the current system where librarians check out portable computers to patrons for inside use. The kiosk pilot program would start in July if the funds are approved.

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