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The Self-Service Airport

LAS VEGAS--Airlines are laying the groundwork for the next big step in the increasingly automated airport experience: a trip from the curb to the plane without interacting with a single airline employee.

FDA Considering Digitally Driven Kiosks

If you have heard or read the news of late it has been all over that the FDA is considering making certain drugs available over the counter that are now prescription only.  
SoloHealth, which operates interactive screening kiosks in retail pharmacy locations, announced that it has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its new SoloHealth Station, which provides advertising opportunities in addition to its consumer health functions. 

Medication-dispensing kiosks and Pharmalogic

Doxycycline package.
Italy-based Pharmalogic's medication-dispensing kiosks are using a printer and scanner from Custom to allow users to print receipts and scan prescriptions, according to a company press release.
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Document shredding become next Coinstar?

Image representing Coinstar as depicted in Cru...
Shred Stop has 12 kiosks in Snohomish and King counties and two in Portland, Ore. Hershman and Rettig's near-term goal is to get to 200 kiosks, with a long-term goal of 5,000 to 10,000 kiosks. Think Coinstar, for document shredding, Hershman said.
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IKEA and NCR Self-Checkout Turbelence

English: Logo of Ikea.
Writeup on IKEA "yanking" self-checkout machines.  Unclear and uncooperative machines process. Color commentary from Francie M. and Sheridan O.
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Showrooming - New Twist on Personal Mobile Shopping

Add one more startup to the hopefuls looking to corner the market for location-aware offers for shoppers: Swirl Networks today exits stealth mode with a website and free iOS app to help people find the best fashion deals closest to them, lead them to physical stores to make purchases, and then share that experience with others.

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