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 legacy IT systems are hindering and preventing JC Penney from making strategic changes,
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Resource Point of Purchase Online Network

Thanks to the good people at POP Online for highlighting Kiosk Industry Group awards handed out at CETW in San Francisco. POPonline is great resource and we welcome them to our network.

Intel Moves into Intelligent Vending

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In April at OneShow in Vegas Intel Corp. presents a vision for intelligent vending comprised of remote monitoring, e-payments, digital signage and analytics. First time that Intel has covered this space,
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Tips for Small Retailers to Beat the Big Boys

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With all the talk about how technology, mobiles and automation make it easier for big retailers to "know thy customer" and create comfort context, the question is how smaller retailer can compete in era of showrooming. Guest commentary by Michael Koploy, ERP Analyst for Software Advice.
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Best of NRF 2012: Top 10 Takeaways

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RIS News via HP did a pretty good job summarizing NRF this year. Interesting to see the clients and the POS systems. RiteAID going cloud-based, new HP POS tablet offering, Marks&Spencer going NCR way, Family Dollar & Kronos, Tyco platform, Tesco, Urban Outfitters getting analytics, Target & NCR, 
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Why Best Buy is going out of business [slowly]

Interesting article on the gradual diminishing of Best Buy. Strong bias.

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