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Best Buy kiosks landing soon in Toronto airport

Best Buy Express
est Buy Canada is deploying six Best Buy Express kiosks Friday at Toronto Pearson International Airport in both terminals this month with plans for expansion throughout the year.
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Digital Book Dispensing vending machines

It works much like a soda or candy machine, but instead of using money, people can use a library card. They just need to scan it, type in a valid phone number and then make a selection. And, much like a candy bar or bag of chips, your book selection drops to the bottom.

JCP Express format debuts in downtown Chicago

J. C. Penney
P or J.C. Penney customers can stop at a kiosk where they can pay credit card bills, buy gift cards and order products via a dedicated computer and have them shipped elsewhere.
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Trade Shows of Interest

Institute of Scrap Recycling trade show coming up in Vegas in April. From what we have gathered the exhibits are sold out.

Wal-Mart to add more self-checkout lanes

March 7 (Reuters) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc will add more self-checkout lanes at its Walmart and Sam's Clubs stores as it continues to look for ways to lower costs and prices
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, Chief Financial Officer Charles Holley said on Wednesday. Notable quote - For every one second in average transaction time at the Walmart U.S. chain, the company said it spends about $12 million in cashier wages.
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Tips for Small Retailers to Beat the Big Boys

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With all the talk about how technology, mobiles and automation make it easier for big retailers to "know thy customer" and create comfort context, the question is how smaller retailer can compete in era of showrooming. Guest commentary by Michael Koploy, ERP Analyst for Software Advice.
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Customers Buying Ink Cartridges

Insta Ink, which sells more than 800 types of new and recycled ink and toner cartridges, has partnered with AVT to manufacture kiosks to dispense products inside retail locations.

PR on new automated hearing test station.
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