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eas the majority of EMV hardware demand will be driven by the April 2015 deadline, when merchants must upgrade their payment solutions and card issuers will move to EMV-capable cards, VDC expects the preceding 2013 directive--which affects only acquiring banks, not merchants or card issuers--to have relatively little impact on the EMV hardware market. 
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Square Vs. NCR: Disruptive Innovation In Action

Interview by Fast Company of NCR on Square. Play nice...
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Toshiba gobbles IBM's POS biz for $850m.

Big Blue sheds another hardware biz (while keeping 20% stake). Toshiba becomes the new dominant player.

IBM - Commentary from Cringely

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This week Bob Cringely in a walk away salvo laid out IBM in a series of columns. He covers much. We've worked for IBM in variety of roles over the years, and it has been getting harder to figure out what it is they do sometimes. Last week they sold Retail to Toshiba to provide some additional context.
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DULUTH, Ga., Apr 19, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- NCR Corporation NCR +4.49% today launched an expanded suite of digital signage, kiosk and managed services that have been tailored to the community banks and credit union market. The solutions are being made available via NCR solution partners who are part of the NCR Interact Global Partner Program in select geographies.
Solar-powered. Wireless. Data-driven. You might not think of these terms when describing waste collection, but this traditionally low-tech field is about to become less dirty and more digital thanks to a new program at UW.

WSJ 4/10/2012 -- Can Retailers Halt 'Showrooming'?

LAS VEGAS -- 365 Retail Markets has won a gold iSpot Innovation Award in the kiosk category for its second-generation SmartHub Gen II self-checkout kiosk. The company will be among the innovators honored at next week's National Automatic Merchandising Association OneShow here.
CHARLOTTE, NC -- Canteen Vending Services, a division of Compass Group North America, has acquired the vending and dining operations of CL Swanson Corp.

Coinstar Plants Entrepreneurial Seeds To Keep Growing

"Today, we have eight seed businesses with domain managers for each seed," said Paul Davis, Coinstar's chief executive. "We pay the domain managers like at a venture capital firm: They get a percentage of the value they create. We tell them, 'It's high risk, high reward.'"

Resource Point of Purchase Online Network

Thanks to the good people at POP Online for highlighting Kiosk Industry Group awards handed out at CETW in San Francisco. POPonline is great resource and we welcome them to our network.

Alta Win Bikeshare in Chicago 400 stations

Chicago enters into a contract with Portland, Oregon-based Alta Bicycle Share, Inc. to run the city's first major bike sharing system with 3,000 bikes at 300 stations, slated to launch in September. Another 1,000 bikes at 100 kiosks will be added next year. 

BufferBox is ready to deliver the goods

WATERLOO -- What started out as an idea for solving the annoying problem of having to be home for parcel pickups has evolved into a high-tech delivery business that is ready to roll out in big cities.

Macy's CEO sees stores borrowing ideas from online

Logo de Macy's Inc.
agine a kiosk inside a Macy's Inc store that pulls up customer reviews and lets shoppers pay on the spot, or an electronic concierge in the cosmetics section that can recommend skin care products across brands in the store that can best help with a blemish.
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OMG Japanese Vending Machine

Self-Checkout Footprints Get Smaller For Retail

You may have used self-checkout stations at grocery stores and supermarkets, do-it-yourself retailers like IKEA, Lowe's and Home Depot, CVS Pharmacy, and even to borrow books from your local public library. Designed to expedite service for shoppers with just a few items, to manage checkout queues with limited staff on hand, or simply to add a self-service option for customers who prefer it, these self-checkout solutions have been around for a decade or more.

Self-Checkout, Too Easy to Steal?

Self-checkouts are supposed to save retailers in labor costs, because they do not need a cashier and, theoretically, the customer can do the checking out him or herself.  But some retailers are finding that they may be costing more than they save, as incidents of customer theft grow

Self-checkout lanes boost convenience, theft risk

Walmart and CVS are among the chains adding self-scanning lanes. But at least two grocery chains -- Albertson's and New England-based Big Y-- have abandoned their self service moves. Both cited customer service as the reason, although Big Y says shoplifting played into the decision.

Self-Checkout Could Make Stealing Too Easy

Recent news articles in The Point of Sale News and USA Today took a look at retailers' growing use of self-checkout systems and resulting increases in theft.
Analyst house IDC predicts that the traditional embedded-systems market is reaching an inflection point where a new breed of intelligent devices will take over the market and drive the current fashionable terms de jour: Big Data and "the internet of things".

Intel Moves into Intelligent Vending

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In April at OneShow in Vegas Intel Corp. presents a vision for intelligent vending comprised of remote monitoring, e-payments, digital signage and analytics. First time that Intel has covered this space,
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